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AshwaSurya’s primary mission and vision is to serve to develop, manage and invest in real estate of outstanding merit, with a conscientious and an ‘in harmony with environment’ approach.

Our Mission

Serve to evolve, manage and make investment in the most valuable reale states.

Our Vision

To Conduct ourselves in sync with nature and environment

Ranjith Kumar

Managing Director

Armed with a Degree from the prestigious college, Mr.Ranjith has brought in significant experience in the real estate and construction industry. Mr. Ranjith oversees all activities of Ashwasurya Realities including sourcing of land, project conceptualization, execution and delivery. Customer is king.’ The new generation mantra of ‘business existing for the customer’ is at the heart of Ranjith’s business philosophy. We aim to be with you till you reach your destination, that is, your dream home. The home you visualize, the home that will fulfil your needs and bring the comforts of a settled life. We passionately believe in business growth which comes along with sharing of knowledge and that provides real fulfilment to our families of clients.

Mrs.Geethanjali G

Executive Director

Armed with a Degree in commerce and diverse experiences in real estate field from reputed organisations. she oversees all the activities of Ashwasurya Realities including sales, finance and Customer relationship management. ‘It Is Not Only About Vision. It Is As Much About getting Things Done.’ ‘You Are Pursuing A Path You Have Chosen And Are succeeding In It, When Suddenly Circumstances present You With Opportunities That Open Your eyes To A Whole New World.’ She is a strong never-say-die attitude and with it, fresh infusion of ideas and work ethics that’s fuelling the company expansion plans.

Standards par excellence

Quality maintenance is a prerequisite across all our project management, sales and business promotional activities.

Property Price appreciation

Free of any hassle, our property plots have undergone mandatory professional surveys and have been invested in considering decent price appreciation.

Spectacular design

Our forte exists in delivering supreme solutions in property managing, architecture and design.

Staying in tune with times

We at AshwaSurya believe ourselves to be conscious property managers, with a determined will to sustain and better the conditions of the realty scene, and maintain eco-friendly standards; taking up the cause of environmental issues in our stride with consistent positivity. We also constantly put in great efforts and enlighten all those associated with us about our surrounding atmosphere. Its our earnest desire to spread greenery around, and in everyone’s lives.

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